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During the thirty years the core parenteral nutrition (PN) computational engine has been used at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital (LPCH), not a single PN related death or significant morbid event was reported. In 1996 the American Society for Parenteral Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.) published PN guidelines, many of which were adopted from the pioneering work from LPCH and the Infusion Studio design team. In 2003, Monterey Medical Solutions released Windows Infusion Studio with significant enhancements, most significantly paperless protocol management.

Medication errors are among the top ten causes for death, and LPCH estimates that PN orders account for one-fourth of medications errors reported nationwide. In April of 2005, LPCH was awarded a national quality and safety award for demonstrating significant and sustained improvements in care. LPCH acknowledged that Infusion Studio played a major role in this achievement. By redesigning medication processes, of which PN is one, LPCH championed the process for improved medication practices.

Parenteral nutrition orders are unequivocally intricate, error-prone, and difficult to write, requiring considerations to fluids, calories (protein, carbohydrate, fat), electrolyte adjustments, and a host of other additives. Like playing Scrabble, changing one additive (letter) can impact all the others. Errors arise from unintentional oversights or from computational errors. Paper orders inherently contain transcription and legibility errors. The burden of correcting a problematic order gravitates to the pharmacist who must negotiate a correction with the ordering physician. For some orders the patient becomes the "lab test" as inevitably some error filled orders escape notice and the patient is put at risk.

There is no doubt that a well written, error-free PN order minimizes staff frustration, reduces labor costs, and improves patient safety, likely reducing hospital stays. In a follow up study, A.S.P.E.N. reported that less than half of America's hospitals were even aware of the guidelines and very few were compliant.

Infusion Studio achieves PN process improvement by protocol management of each additive, virtual formulation before order submission, and paperless order transmission. Infusion Studio is a true Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system, which keeps the ordering physician compliant with hospital PN protocols established by its Nutritional Support Team. Potential ordering errors are corrected at order entry. The completed order is electronically transmitted to the pharmacy eliminating transcription errors and reducing time. Because the PN order complies with the protocol and has passes the virtual formulation step, there is rarely any reason change the order at the time of Pharmacy Review.

The Infusion Studio software runs on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX, and Linux-based computers (or other Citrix-capable device) and utilizes existing hospital data networks. Monterey Medical Solutions (MMS) does not sell nor license the software but rather charges a simple usage fee per pharmacy-approved order. (There is no charge for practice or deleted orders.) This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) contract without minimum usage requirements. MMS fully supports the software, and provides routine upgrades, for which there are no incremental charges.

Initiating Infusion Studio in your hospital is like moving from a typewriter to a word processor in efficiency and productivity. Sure, a typewriter works, but a word processor reduces time and improves quality. We have performed detailed metrics on several hospitals and have demonstrated that Infusion Studio actually saves money. Cost reduction in several areas is obvious. Consider the time the provider takes to manually calculate order parameters and the amount of time the pharmacist spends re-checking those computations. Consider the cost of just getting the paper order to the pharmacy. Consider the time the pharmacist spends on the telephone tracking down the provider and discussing problematic orders. Consider the time to re-enter a subsequent day's order where only a few parameters have changed. With a paper system, every PN order is an initial order. With Infusion Studio each subsequent order can be "populated" with the previous order requiring generally only minor adjustments. Infusion Studio saves time and money by eliminating, simplifying, and reducing process steps.

Infusion Studio is truly an innovative software solution. Although other vendors offer software programs to compute PN formulations, none have the performance and features of Infusion Studio. None have true protocol management. Because no proprietary software or hardware needs to be installed in the hospital to run Infusion Studio, the application is available on every workstation in the hospital automatically and for no additional costóno seat licenses are required.  No other PN application has the ability to customize performance to hospital specifications. Monterey Medical Solutions is proud of its full support of HL7 interfaces to make Infusion Studio seamlessly interoperate within a hospital's information system.

Infusion Studio is innovative, cutting edge, and incomparable, in a field by itself. Its implementation assures your hospital compliance with A.S.P.E.N. and American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines and starts the process of becoming one of America's safe hospitals.

Monterey Medical Solutions offers complete education and customer support. We look forward to adding your hospital to the list of exceptional hospitals in America.

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