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  Infusion Studio™ is a Microsoft Windows application that is remotely accessed from your institution over the Internet. The software is hosted in our HIPAA and SAS70 compliant data center. Any Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX, or Linux-based computer (or other Citrix-capable device) can access the Infusion Studio application.

All management information and audit data pertaining to each order in a secure Microsoft SQL Server database that is unique for each customer. Both the Infusion Studio application and database reside in a remote data center outside of the hospital and are accessed over the Internet from existing hospital workstations using a secure connection. In addition, existing hospital printers and in-house compounders can be used seamlessly with Infusion Studio.

The Infusion Studio system encompasses equipment and software that is outside of the hospital in conjunction with existing equipment within the hospital:

Outside of the Hospital:

bullet Citrix Application Server that hosts the Infusion Studio application in the Monterey Medical Solutions' data center.
bullet Microsoft SQL Database Server that stores the custom and secure Infusion Studio management and ordering data.

Inside of the Hospital:

bullet Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX, or Linux-based computer (or other Citrix-capable device) for accessing the Infusion Studio application.
bullet Laser printers used for printing orders and other general printing.
bullet Label printer, such as the Datamax, Zebra, and Intermec label printers for label printing (Optional).
bullet HL7 v2.x ADT messages and LAB messages can be transmitted directly to the Monterey Medical Solutions’ data center and the patient information will be available in Infusion Studio. (Optional)
bullet HL7 interfaces are available to send the digitally signed CPOE order and the clinician's automatically generated Nutritional Progress Note to the Hospital Information System. (Optional).


bullet If you are using an in-pharmacy BAXA compounder, Monterey Medical Solutions provides the BAXA compounder's mixing instructions.
bullet If CAPS is used as the compounding facility, the Infusion Studio application is configured to communicate orders directly to the appropriate CAPS formulary.
bullet Manual compounding requires no additional hardware or system configuration.

Since the Infusion Studio application and database reside outside of the hospital, the hospital workstations access the Infusion Studio application using the Citrix client typically already installed on the hospital workstation or available for free from www.citrix.com. The connection and data storage are secure and fully HIPAA compliant. 

Client Workstation System Requirements

Each client workstation or device that runs the Infusion Studio application needs only to have the Citrix client installed.


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